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10 beer mashups

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In the era of the Cronut, even beer’s getting hybridized: Brewers throw tradition out the window when they blend two beer styles to make these mixed brews.

River North Avarice: Bold stout meets rustic saison: Dark, roasted malt bitterness and faint chocolate notes pick up subtle spicy pepper from this Russian imperial stout’s untraditional Belgian saison yeast.

Triple Digit Decimation: A marriage between an American wheat ale and a barleywine, or an American wheat brewed to barleywine strength? This wheat wine pairs honey-and-caramel malts with resinous, citrusy hops.

High and Mighty XPA: This easy-drinking pale ale blends the biscuity malts and herbal, floral hops of an English bitter with the piney hops of an American pale ale—the best of both worlds.

Saranac White IPA: The fusion of herbal coriander and bright orange peel with grassy, catty hops blurs the line between Belgian witbiers and American IPAs.

Kasteel Ter Dolen Armand: Pale ale-style dry-hopping brightens this Belgian blond ale’s breadiness and black pepper with grapefruit, orange and grassy notes.

Parish Farmhouse IPA: The union of a prickly Belgian saison and punchy American IPA pits peppery spice and fruity esters against floral orange blossom for a swallow that ripples over the tongue.

Samuel Adams Dark Depths Baltic IPA: An American IPA’s dank pine and bright grapefruit hop notes spruce up this Baltic porter’s roasted, toasted malts and molasses sweetness.

Ommegang Three Philosophers: A small portion of kriek perks up this quad’s toasted malts, dark chocolate, pepper and plum with ethereal cherry sweetness.

Great Crescent Blonde Ale: This Indiana beer takes the floral, grainy sweetness of a German-style Kölsch and adds bready, lemony notes courtesy of British pale ale yeast.

Karbach Weisse Versa: Wheat This fruit bomb presses together two wheat beer traditions—the German hefeweizen and the Belgian witbier—resulting in bready wheat brushed by the hefe’s banana and the wit’s sweet orange and pungent coriander.



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