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10 foodie beers to savor now

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Bavarian law once said beer could only include water, malt and hops. We think the Germans would be pleasantly surprised by this spectrum of culinary summer stunners, infused with pineapple, cucumber and beyond.

Trinity Elektrick Cukumbahh: Cooling English cucumber adds a sweet, juicy pop to this saison’s prickly wash of wheat, while lemon zest beams sunshine through each sip. This GABF gold medalist returns to the Colorado brewery in June.

West Sixth Lemongrass American Wheat: Enticing vanilla-blushed wheat melds with juicy orange before prickly lemongrass swoops in with a bitter bite.

Northwest Bad Panda Ginger Pale Ale: Big doses of ginger and galangal (a rhizome in the ginger family) add playful zing to this pale ale; it’s the ultimate sushi companion.

SanTan Mr. Pineapple: Pineapple juice brings tropical tang to this hefeweizen’s classic banana and clove.

Smuttynose Pure Bliss: Southeast Asian kaffir lime leaves replace this Belgian witbier’s traditional coriander and orange peel, and pulls sharp tartness through each sip.

Indeed Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter: An English imperial porter mixes surprisingly well with south- of-the-border spice: Poblano and jalapeño peppers lend vegetal flavor and fire to rich, campfirelike smoked malts.

Great Northern Wild Huckleberry Wheat Lager: Big Sky Country huckleberries bleed jammy darkness in this otherwise crisp, refreshing lager.

Milwaukee O-Gii: Additions of Japanese sencha leaves and chamomile from neighbors Rishi Tea add an earthy nip and smooth floral tones to this wit’s bready wheat and prickly orange peel.

High Water Campfire Stout: Real graham crackers and toasted marshmallow flavoring combine with dark malts for a bonfire-worthy s’mores beer.

Hangar 24 Palmero: This abbey-style dubbel folds earthy sweetness from locally grown dates into rich caramel, toast and raisin tones.


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