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10 sessionable barrel-aged beers

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Find easy-drinking summer quaffs hidden inside the barrel.

Cambridge Brett Grisette

Designed with New England-grown barley, wheat, rye and buckwheat, this 4.0%-ABV American wild ale was barrel-fermented with Brettanomyces inside oloroso sherry and neutral port casks.

Montseny Malta Cuvée

The Spanish brewery takes its 5.1%-ABV English-style pale ale and ages it for an entire year inside French oak barrels.

Jester King Das Wunderkind!

This limited-release, twice-fermented saison’s wine and whiskey wood notes are subtle (like its 4.2% ABV), lending a slight oakiness to an otherwise powerfully tart swallow.

Lompoc Flamingo

This summer, Portland, Ore., drinkers will score another limited release of Flamingo, Lompoc’s 5.0%-ABV Condor Pale Ale aged with 35 pounds of sour cherries inside French cabernet barrels.

Avery Boulder Weisse

This taproom exclusive takes a six-month nap inside oak barrels and emerges with a profile akin to a Berliner weisse. Drink this tart, 5.0%-ABV thirst-quencher with a shot of fruit syrup.

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca

Oaky barrel notes tie this witbier’s orange peel and coriander together with farmhouse flavors, while snappy tartness and a low 4.8% ABV lend a refreshing finish.

Rodenbach Classic

This 5.2%-ABV original Flanders red ale’s aged inside 150-year-old oak casks and emerges with dark fruit and peppery spice wrapped in a tart, acidic swallow.

Lazy Magnolia Southern Gentleman

Every few months Lazy Magnolia releases a new wave of its 6.0%-ABV Southern Gentleman, a bourbon-barrel-aged version of its Southern Pecan brown ale (made with roasted pecans).

Crooked Stave Petite Sour

French saison yeast initially ferments a wheat beer before it ages in giant oak barrels with wild yeast and Brettanomyces strains; the end result is this 4.5%-ABV “urban farmhouse table beer.”

Breckenridge Summer Cab Ride

Breckenridge’s quaffable 4.5% Summer Cab Ride sits inside cabernet barrels for 14 weeks, giving this delicate brew a kiss of vino without throwing it out of balance.




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