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10 smoky summer beers

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Brewed with wood-smoked malts, these beers brim with campfire complexity.

Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood: Inspired by Norway’s forgotten smoky farmhouse ales, this gruit’s steeped on fruity, woody juniper berries and twigs that accent a wave of campfire smoke.

Epic Smoked & Oaked: Pass around this 10%-ABV barrel-aged, cherrywood-smoked Belgian ale and share the blend of figs, cherry, toffee and pepper.

Bootleggers Wildfire Wheat: This smooth SoCal smoked wheat beer washes back with smoldering grains, hints of orange and a crisp finish.

Listermann Friar Bacon Smoked Bock: Slip this Cincinnati smoked bock into your picnic basket: Its seamless fusion of toasted bread and porky smoke is perfect with a ham sandwich.

Meantime Old  Smoked Bock: The London brewery’s new spin on a classic bock infuses toasted bread notes with rich woody smoke.

Cedar Creek Scruffy’s Smoked Alt: Merge two German traditions—beechwood-smoked malt and altbier yeast—and you get this mild, slightly smoky, berry-tinted sipper.

Blind Bat Vlad the Inhaler: This tart take on a Grätzer (a rare style from Grätz, Poland) is puckering but approachable: Oak and grill-like smoke balance lemon and wheat.

Fritz Briem Grodziskie: This Grätzer’s biting sourness, prickly hop bitterness and mellow smoke combine for a highly unusual but incredibly refreshing swallow.

4 Hands Smoked Pigasus: Brewed with smoked malt, rye and maple syrup, this porter expresses winter-warmer flavors like rich chocolate, sweet maple, spicy rye and earthy smoke, but boasts a warmer-weather 6% ABV.

Fort Collins Bambostic Rauchbier: This oak-aged GABF gold medalist (out again in August) is the perfect introduction to smoked beers: Based on traditional beechwood-smoked rauchbiers, it oozes bacony smoke. Watch for more: Bambostic is the first in Ft. Collins’ new limited series that explores the possibilities of wood-smoked malts. Watch for at least three smoky releases per year.



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