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10 stouts to buy now

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Every holiday season has its shopping trends; in the beer world, chocolate and coffee stouts are this year’s hot items. We’ve got plenty of those, plus a few other suggestions (including one awesome wild card) to suit your every stout shopping need.


Terrapin Moo-Hoo: A chocolate milk stout? More like a knee-buckling delicious remake of the lunchbox drink. This dead-on replication of a boozier Yoo-Hoo makes it cool to drink chocolate milk again.

New Belgium Lips of Faith Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout: Despite its big 9% ABV, this beer’s incredibly smooth. Roasted coffee beans and bitter chocolate weave through a rich body tinged with dark malts; the beer’s soft on the tongue and packed with robust flavor.

Redhook Double Black Stout: This bold one’s brewed with coffee, but the specialty ingredient doesn’t over-perform: Dank hops, roasted malts and hints of caramel share the stage with a spike of locally brewed coffee.

Founders Breakfast Stout: This beer’s a mouthful: Silky smooth and thick as oil, Breakfast Stout floods the tongue with an insane amount of chocolate, coffee and oatmeal. Don’t trade out your cup of java and piping bowl of oats for a morning pint, but do sip a snifter fireside in your finest smoking jacket.

Bell’s Java Stout: If you have trouble letting go of that coffee mug throughout the day, this joe-spiked stout will help wean you off the caffeine. It bursts with intense espresso notes and subtly sweet malts, making it the perfect replacement for all those high-calorie holiday lattes.


Wild Onion Jack Stout: This stout gets straight to the point: Five types of roasted malts culminate in a pleasantly dry, bitter finish, but not before delivering the ideal amount of roast and chocolate. Sip this one alongside a thick ribeye steak.

Olde Main Sodbuster: Just the right amount of caramel malts gives this bitter, dry stout enough sweetness to keep you going back for more. Pour a little bit into a bowl of vanilla ice cream and drink the rest alongside your beery dessert for pure, sweet beer bliss.


Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon: Big piney hop notes and rich dark malts dominate as this chewy imperial stout floods the taste buds. With its smooth mouthfeel and shockingly well-hidden 12.5% ABV, this beer’s the perfect strategy for keeping warm during the season of snow.

Black Market Black Hole Sun Imperial Stout: Tip: Don’t attempt this one alone. Clocking in at 15%-ABV and crammed with chocolate, vanilla, whiskey, coffee and enough a wealth of other flavors to discover, it’s one you’ll want to share—and discuss—in the company of friends.


Smuttynose Zinneke: What do you get when you take a stout, ferment it with Belgian yeast and age part of the brew in bourbon barrels? A deviously delicious brew. Fruity yeast notes fuse with vanilla and caramel, while roasted malt bitterness and woody tannins ensure a nice, dry finish.



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