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10 sun-kissed citrus beers

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Tired of all that peeling? Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with these citrusy beers.


Hangar 24 Orange Wheat

The brewery purees locally grown oranges and adds them to the tanks to give its wheat beer a juicy kick.


Brasserie de Silly Pink Killer

Brewed with grapefruit, coriander and orange peel, this pink-hued specialty beer is equal parts sweet and bitter—a perfect replacement for your morning juice.


Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

This grown-up lemonade combines the sweet ’n’ sour flavors of the classic summer drink with the soft malts and crisp finish of a wheat beer.


Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

Tangerine scents burst from the glass, while the fruit adds citrus sweetness that smoothes out the biting wheat base.


Shiner Ruby Redbird

A blend of Texas ruby red grapefruit juice and ginger gives Shiner’s new summer seasonal invigorating tartness.


Piccolo Birrificio Seson

The brewery injects a dose of Chinotto peel, a bitter fruit found in Tuscany, into its saison for a bright citrus sting and swell of bitter and tart flavors in the finish.


Short’s Anniversary Ale

Blood orange elevates this wheat wine with deep citrus sweetness while spicy green peppercorns and orange zest add bite.


Birrificio Barley BB10

This complex beer mixes boiled red wine grapes and orange zest with a complex malt bill for a rich, dark-fruit-flavored beer with citrus hints woven throughout.


Buckbean Original Orange Blossom

Packed with delicate orange tree flowers, this refresher runs over the tongue with soft orange flavors and just enough bitterness to match.


Coronado Orange Avenue Wit

Forget an orange slice on the glass: This brew’s orange zest and orange blossom honey flavorfully accent a spicy witbier base.

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