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10 tea beers

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Can’t decide between a little cuppa and a big old pint? Check out these tea-spiked brews.

Night Shift Bee Tea Wheat Ale | infused with green tea

Green leaves from Boston-area Mem Tea Imports meet a Belgian-style wheat ale, which gets spiked by sweet orange peel, orange blossom honey, wheat and a dose of Belgian yeast.

Dogfish Head Sah’tea | infused with black tea

Inspired by traditional Finnish sahti, this “off-centered” ale incorporates hot-rock-caramelized wort, German weizen yeast, juniper berries and black tea.

Vanberg & DeWulf Lambrucha | infused with kombucha

A blend of spontaneously fermented lambics from Belgium’s De Troch brewery and the fermented, possibly restorative Central Asian kombucha tea, Lambrucha’s  extreme tartness adopts bright lemon, funky barnyard and dank tea flavors.

Prism ParTea Pale Ale | infused with Chinese black tea

An incredible 30 pounds of whole-leaf Chinese black tea steeps in the boil of this American pale, yielding beer that tastes like unsweetened tea with a dry, hoppy finish.

Watch City Senchual Green Tea IPA | infused with green tea

This IPA’s brewed with German hops, then stewed with rare Gyokuro Okabe green tea harvested in a small town in Shizuoka, Japan; the hops share the tea’s earthy spiciness, while the tea also adds sweetness.

I&I Pekoe Tea Pale Ale | infused with orange pekoe

Each batch of this beer is steeped with orange pekoe tea leaves (a classic, non-citrusy black tea variety), giving the lightly Cascade-hopped brew mild earthiness.

Beaver Chamomile Wheat | infused with chamomile tea

Five gallons of fresh-brewed chamomile tea are incorporated into 31 gallons of this sweet hefeweizen. The rarer draft version is inoculated with wild yeast for a sour bite.

Terrapin Samurai Krunkles | infused with green tea

Jasmine rice, jasmine green tea and ginger fuse with Sorachi Ace, Columbus, Nugget, Falconers Flight and Zythos hops for a citrus-herb profile and samurai-sword-wielding bitterness.

Gilgamesh Mamba | infused with Earl Grey tea

Technically a gruit, this hopless beer gets its bite from a blend of spicy rye malts, tangerine peel and a hefty dose of Earl Grey—and by hefty, we mean 6 pounds of leaves from Portland’s Stash Tea for every 7-barrel batch.

Rogness Yogi | infused with chai

Meditate on this: Yogi’s brewed with classic chai ingredients, including black tea, Saigon cinnamon, ginger, pepper, clove and cardamom to inject the amber ale base with flavors from the Indian subcontinent.



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