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11 breakfast sandwiches worth getting out of bed for

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Back in 2010, scientists at the U.K.’s Newcastle University determined that a bacon sandwich is the ultimate hangover cure. We say eggs, cheese and chili don’t hurt either.

By Jennifer M. Wood

GBD / Washington, D.C.: THE LUTHER

Weekends at ChurchKey’s sister chicken-and-doughnut spot GBD mean a date with a fried chicken thigh on a brioche doughnut glazed in maple-chicken jus, topped with a slab of bacon, and candied pecans. A new Uncle Buck version trades chicken for sausage, egg and Cheddar.

Sunshine Tavern / Portland, Ore.: THE MONTE CRISTO

The traditional Monte Cristo (an American croque monsieur, aka fried ham and cheese) gets a decidedly early-morning makeover courtesy of 2012 Food & Wine “Best New Chef” Jenn Louis, who dresses it with a fried egg, turkey, Swiss and a side of seasonal jam.

Delicatessen / New York City: TEXAS BENEDICT

Yes, it’s open-faced, but hear us out: Chef Michael Ferraro puts a Lone Star State twist on traditional eggs Benedict, with poached eggs and Hollandaise crowning?pulled pork on a grilled French brioche throne.


Master of Mexican cuisine Rick Bayless churns out gourmet grub to go at XOCO, his street-food-inspired quick-service café. Among the handheld specialties is this crusty torta filled with scrambled eggs, pork chorizo, poblano rajas, melted Jack cheese and avocado.

Straw / San Francisco: ROCKY MOUNTAIN MADAME

If you’re too foggy to ponder how carnival-inspired fare could possibly be upscale, let this sandwich do the explaining: Prosciutto, Swiss and garlic aioli between playful egg-in-the-hole brioche toast is the challenge, and the Cheddar béchamel on top is the prize.

Hominy Grill / Charleston, S.C.: BIG NASTY BISCUIT

Nothing’s nasty about this down-home fried-chicken sandwich, prepared simply with Cheddar and a generous ladle of sausage gravy atop a buttery, from-scratch biscuit.

The Sycamore Kitchen / Los Angeles: SCRAMBLED EGG & CHORIZO SANDWICH

Served on a house-made griddled pain de mie and topped with Swiss cheese and roasted onions, this chorizo stunner has been one of The Sycamore Kitchen’s best-sellers since Karen and Quinn Hatfield—owners of L.A.’s Michelin-starred Hatfield’s—opened their gastro-bakery in 2012.

Big Bad Breakfast / Oxford, Miss.: THE PYLON

At first glance, a griddle-fried chili dog served with slaw, Cheddar cheese, mustard, pickles, onions, jalapeños and crackers doesn’t seem like breakfast food. But “pile on” (hence the name) a waffle and you’ve got an open-faced sandwich just begging for a fork and knife.

Ink.Sack / Los Angeles: TORTILLA ESPANOLA

At Top Chef-winning badass Michael Voltaggio’s sandwich shop, the menu changes regularly based on what’s fresh, but this fried egg, Manchego cheese, caramelized onion and potato chip sandwich is forever.

Stella Barra Hollywood / Los Angeles: ORIGINAL EGG SANDWICH

Mix it up every time you order this concoction of soft scrambled eggs, tomato, Cheddar and the protein of your choice (ham, bacon, turkey, sausage or avocado). Make it “extra spicy” for a real wake-up call.

City Sandwich / New York City: MARIA

Inside a rail-thin storefront, bona fide Italian Michael Guerrieri fills sub-like sandwiches with Portuguese goodness. Go for Maria, a melty masterpiece that begins with slices of Paio (a dry-cured pork sausage); continues with broccoli rabe, tomato and onion; and ends with oozy mozzarella and olive oil.

PLUS: Share the (Sandwich) love

’Cause beer and biscuits are better with friends, BRC Gastropub in Houston, Texas, sells its cheesy, rugged Big Bad Ass Biscuits by the boxed dozen—with your choice of butter and bacon jam, or sandwich-style with fried chicken and salmon BLT fixin’s inside. You also pick grapefruit juice, O.J. or apple cider, or make it a “Hoppy Meal” with a growler of craft from the bar.


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