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3 Floyds Dark Lord Day tickets cost $200 this year

Tickets include four bottles of Dark Lord imperial stout, one DL variant and more.

FullSizeRender (1)In advance of March 5 when tickets go on sale, went live today with details of this year’s festival, which will take place April 30 at the Munster, Indiana brewpub. The first thing most people noticed was the price tag: $200, compared to last year’s $40 tickets.

For the 10,000 expected attendees, the price includes four bottles of coveted Dark Lord imperial stout and one of its rarer variants; in past years, attendees bought those once they’d arrived at the festival. (Also, in past years, not all ticket holders were guaranteed access to variants.) The ticket also includes a tote bag with $40 worth of food and beverage coupons inside, so you do the math: $40 in food and beverages, plus four DL bottles (which in past years have cost roughly $15 at the event), one bottle of a DL variant (which in years past has cost $50) already gets you a $150 value.

Ultimately, it’s up to an individual drinker whether she wants to shell out for the tickets,  trade for Dark Lord, take chances buying it on the secondary market, or just ignore the hullaballoo altogether. I’ll be over here with my keepsake 2011 ticket, waxing nostalgic.


  • Kevin says:

    Regular Dark Lord is now $20/bottle, FYI. Plus, now you aren’t also spending $40 just to get into the festival. It’s a great deal if you’re there to buy the beer. And if you’re not, then why are you there? :-)

  • Didier De Batselier says:

    Hello, I am a Beergeek from Belgium… if anyone of you would like to bottleshare Dark Lord, for Belgium Beer like 3 fonteinen, Cantillon, West-Vleteren 12… Please let me know !
    Many Thanks

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