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3 new hop varieties you need to know

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Last week during the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, I sat in on a hop tasting seminar featuring three new varieties (demonstrated in a flight of three single-hop pale ales brewed for the seminar by Odell). The room was packed with brewers, and based on their collective reaction, it looks like the very exotic and tropical Cashmere will be the next variety to take over IPAs (move aside, Mosaic). Here’s what you need to know about all three:

What it is: a daughter hop of the Glacier variety.
What it’s like: This was the most subdued and familiar of the three. An aroma and flavor profile showcased muted lemon zest, some rounded orange and an interesting spicy, woody character.
Style suited for? I’d love to see this in something delicate, like a blonde ale or hoppy lager.

Triple Pearl
What it is: a triploid variation on the Perle variety.
What it’s like: This variety is a little more far out. Classic orange notes blend with lime and honeydew in the aroma. Sweet orange peel, line zest, pepper and pine dominate the flavor.
Style suited for? I’m thinking something sessionable but hoppy, like a nuanced pale ale.

What it is: a cross between Cascade and Northern Brewer
What it’s like: This was the most unusual hop, and definitely the crowd favorite. Tropical coconut, peach and tangerine filled out the aroma, while a similar flavor profile paired coconut, melon, tangerine and lemongrass.
Style suited for? IPA all the way. Pair this with exotic Mosaic for an absolute tropical hop bomb.


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