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4 decadent chocolate beers

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Forget hot cocoa; get your chocolate fix with one of these beers.

Foothills Sexual Chocolate

This chocolate-charged North Carolina seasonal reappears in February. Brewed with organic Peruvian cocoa nibs, this stout’s completely chocolaty, but there are swirls of toffee, coffee and dark fruit, too. At 9.7% ABV, it’ll certainly put you in the mood.

Lefty’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal and Valrhona cocoa powder in the brew evoke chocolate-chip cookies; perky carbonation and a little roast keep the mouthfeel light.

Boulevard Chocolate Ale

For the second year, brewer Steven Pauwels teamed up with chocolatier Christopher Elbow to brew this specialty beer “dry-hopped” with Dominican cocoa nibs. It pours orange, but tastes like chocolate milk laced with strawberry, chilies and a little bitterness.

Charleville Box of Chocolate

This 10.5%-ABV Belgian-style quadrupel’s the ultimate aperitif: The aroma simply oozes chocolate, and on the tongue, it’s a dead ringer for liqueur truffles.


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