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4 ways to pair: Hot dogs

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Baseball’s back, and with it, the ketchup-and-mustard ballpark dog—which happens to pair wonderfully with a slew of brews beyond the ice-cold lager.

1. The slight tang of Belgian yeast links so well with ketchup, we’re wondering why we haven’t paired a dubbel with a dog sooner.

2. Just like soda, a cold, sweet bock highlights the sweeter essences of the bun, ketchup and sausage, but the beer’s weightless enough to let each element shine.

3. The grapefruity, bitter hops of an American pale ale neatly dry up your palate, tidying up an otherwise sloppy bite.

4. A hearty hot dog tames the robust malts and caramel sweetness of a boozed-up strong Scotch ale; the beer’s smoke gives the meat some oomph and
wraps up the bite.


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