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5 cool things we saw at GABF Day 1

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The first day of GABF was loud, beard-laden and delicious; basically, everything we hoped it would be. Here are a few cool things we spotted (more on the actual beer from our beer editor later):

1. The Bitter American ape (above). Realistic? Yes. Mildly terrifying? Also yes. Fits right in with this crowd. That’s 21st Amendment‘s Nico and Shaun in the foreground, who escorted the ape around the fest.

2. A very fascinating sign at the Redhook booth. And that’s all we can say. Alright, a little hint: If you can get to tomorrow’s GABF, approach the RedHook booth, and call the “1-888” number on the sign… and see what happens.

3. This all-too-true Tweet:

4. File this under GABF genius: At the Hale’s Ales booth, you can order cases of beer.

5. BridgePort‘s Hop Czar. All hail this guy! GABF-goers can hit the brewery’s booth for a photo op with beer royalty.


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