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Your daily pint for Wednesday, July 17: 5 RABBIT 5 LIZARD LATIN-STYLE WITBIER

WHAT IT IS: A GABF bronze-medal-winning, sessionable fruit/wheat beer brewed with coriander, lime peel and passion fruit.

WHAT IT TASTE LIKE: Tart! The wheat, lemon and lime headline a crisp, bubbly swallow; it mellows out in the middle where passion fruit peeks out, before an easy, slightly funky finish.

ME GUSTA!: 5 Rabbit’s an American brewery inspired by all things South of the Border: The whole line-up incorporates twists on traditional Latin cuisine, like the 5 Vulture Oaxacan-style Dark Ale brewed with ancho chile and piloncillo sugar—two prominent ingredients in mole.

DRINK WHILE: Eating your favorite Mexican dish (here are seven we love), listening to the Gipsy Kings, and savoring a moment of la vida loca, even though it’s Wednesday and loca probably isn’t in the picture.

LEARN FROM THE LABEL: According to Aztec mythology, 5 Lizard (Macuilceutzpalin) is one of the 5 Gods of excess. They both warn against gluttony and debauchery, but also represent dance and sexual desire.

ALSO LEARN: This fun, Latin toast: Video here


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