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6 beer-braised dishes for winter

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As chilly weather takes hold, think about braising low and slow in a bath of beer for meals that warm you inside out.

recipes by Carolyn Malcoun | photography by Bill Robbins | food styling by Claire Stancer

A witbier’s coriander and orange peel notes mingle with the Asian seasonings in this hearty fall braise.
Meaty swordfish and Mediterranean flavor slow-cooked in pilsner and tomatoes.
Lamb shanks braise in a tart lambic; then the liquid is transformed into a luscious gravy spiked with tangy pomegranate molasses.
A cousin of crisps and crumbles, slumps consist of fruit baked on the stovetop with pillowy dumplings steamed on top; ours is spiked with a berry lambic and loaded with fall fruits.
Comfort food at its finest: short ribs cooked to tender perfection, pulled off the bone and tossed with sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach, and served over hot pasta.
It's the beery version of osso buco; a lager makes a delightful substitution for the more traditional white wine.


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