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6 bold beer floats

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Two scoops of ice cream are all you need to transform a pint into dessert worthy of a scorching summer day. P.S.: No stouts allowed!

The zesty Belgian yeast in Victory Whirlwind Witbier teams up with strawberry to tingle the palate; the ice cream and soft wheat are milky-light.

Samuel Adams Belgian Session Ale’s floral herbs and banana esters combine with vanilla for an instant cream “soda.”

This bean-on-bean combo is officially our new morning pick-me-up: Pour the ultrarich Knee Deep Tanilla porter over bitter coffee ice cream for a boozy spin on a vanilla latte.

Twisted Pine Raspberry Wheat Ale’s strong berry notes wrap around each silky spoonful of chocolate ice cream. The beer’s wheaty softness and prickly effervescence keep this treat light on the tongue.

Mint chip and Element Dark Element black IPA seem like an odd couple, but the way bitterness from the hops, roasted malt and chocolate chunks counters the sweet, light mint is sweet genius.

Milky butter pecan tames the peppy sourness of Cuvée René Gueuze Lambic; the crunchy pecans are a salty bonus.


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