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7 beer-slinging barbers

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Joe's Barber Shop

All across America, barbershops are stocking up on beer. From New York to Los Angeles, barbers are cracking cold ones to complement their cool cuts. Here are a few impressive beer-slinging barbershops.

By Fred Minnick


Portland, Oregon

HairM is an extravagant male salon and spa, where a fella can enjoy a complimentary Widmer Brothers brew on tap just before his shave, haircut or massage. In addition to your beverage of choice, you get your own television at the barber’s chair. BEERS: Widmer Brothers beers on tap.

The Boardroom, Salon for Men

Dallas, Texas

This highly successful franchise has the look of a 1920s country club with its leather chairs, cherry wood cabinets, pool table and complimentary beer. The heck with a haircut; The Boardroom is just a cool place to hang out. BEERS: Shiner Bock, Miller Light and Bud Light by the bottle.

Barbers & Beer, Women & Wine BarberSalon

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Hence the name, if you’re a man and you order a glass of wine, you will get made fun of. (“It’s a barbershop,” says owner Kyle Kilger, “we’re a bunch of smartasses.”) The local barbershop is a Ft. Lauderdale favorite for its affordable cuts and free beer. BEERS: Coors Light and Bud Light on tap.

Joe’s Barber Shop


Joe’s Barber Shop is a historic neighborhood barbershop that has been serving complimentary PBR to customers since 1968. Come in for a straight-razor shave, and check out shop’s line of vintage-style, motorcycle-inspired clippers. BEERS: Cans of PBR.

Gentlemen’s Cut

Louisville, Ky.

With big, fluffy couches and televisions everywhere, Gentlemen’s Cut is a man cave of sorts. Guys come for the beer, massages and haircuts, and leave relaxed and energized. The place even offers a top-notch shoe shine. BEERS: Coors Light, Miller Light, Killian’s Irish Red and Smithwick’s on tap.

Bolt Barbers

Los Angeles

Bolt Barbers is a regular downtown Los Angeles hangout. Folks pick up a $3.33 “Beast Card” for unlimited drinks and watch sports on the flatscreen televisions. Beer is complimentary before haircuts, but are not available until after 7 p.m. BEERS: Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap.

Tomcats Barbershop

Brooklyn, New York

Tomcats Barbershop is keeping the 1950s pomade style alive. People from all over the world come for a James Dean or Jerry Lewis style haircut and enjoy the perk of free beer. BEERS: Cans of PBR.



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