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8 black market beer prices you won’t believe

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How much would you pay to go from zero to 60 cellared beer bottles in a matter of 7 to 10 shipping days? How about one of those white whales that might make you the envy of your beer geek circle? Half the price of a Kia? Although eBay shut down online beer sales in 2012, the practice has spread and found a home in a number of communities, one of which is MyBeerCellars.com.

There are a lot of relevant topics that pop up when you talk about secondhand online beer sales—few of which I’m interested in exploring today (legality, hoarding mentality, profiteering, etc.). What I’m most struck by—my immediate reaction—is the asking price for some of these beers and beer collections. Not the typical $30, $40 and $50 bottles listed throughout the site, but, say, the $2,400 listing for a rare, 10-year-old bottle of Cantillon. Who buys that?

So, browse through the listings below, and try to imagine the type of person who has that much disposable cash to splurge on a rare bottle—or bottles—of beer. Something tells me they aren’t the average beer geek.

NOTE: I don’t want to directly promote these sales—or make it as easy as clicking one link to see the listing—so I’ve removed all user names, email addresses and chose not to link to the listing. The pictures are just screen shots. If you want to see the listings for yourselves, I’m sure you can figure it out easy enough.

Here are some of the crazier asking prices for rare beers:

Drie Fonteinen Oude Lambiek

Mixed Goose Island Collection

Samuel Adams Millennium

“My whole cellar”

Murda’d Out Stout, Barrel Aged Batch 9000 and more

Cantillon Loerik

Dark Lord and Goose Island collection

Cantillon Don Quijote and more

So, which one of you is going to pop for the $10,000 lot?


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  • Charles says:

    The only one that’s really outrageous, the last one, says “This listing is largely in jest…” as the opening sentence.

  • Ashley says:

    I don’t know who is worse…. the people selling the beer or the people that would actually pay that sort of money for it.

    I know someone who got $2k once for a bottle of Hair of the Dog. It was the most ridiculous and pathetic thing I’ve seen.

    As for me, the most I’ve ever paid for one beer was probably $60 for Tactical Nuclear Penguin––a beer that is still in my fridge because I don’t think I will ever justify opening up a $60 bottle of beer.

  • Les schelling says:

    Ha! Wonder what I could get for my vintage 4 pack of 1986 Thomas Hardy Ale I have sitting on a shelf? Never! It will be opened and tasted in 2016(30 years). Who wants to do the review?

  • Cheezbox says:

    These aren’t completed sales, these are just listings. Few if any of these will sell at the given prices.

  • nanobrew says:

    you should check out this thread on talkbeer about overpriced listings. A lot of the beers listed have been talked about on there


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