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8 ways to the beer lover’s heart

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Would your lover happily trade Champagne and candlelight for something a bit beerier? Here are a few ways to suds up your Valentine’s Day.

Give chocolate
Skip the drugstore variety box and roll these stout-infused truffles yourself; it’s shockingly easy, and gets you bonus points for DIY.
Chocolate for the advanced
Already tackled truffles? Makes this framboise-infused flourless chocolate torte for a romantic dessert.
Loosen up
Samuel Merritt’s The Brooklyn Valentine beer-blend cocktail requires just two brews. Make a glass to share.
Dim the lights
Light up an Amber Ale Candle, a new scent from Colonial Candle inspired by brew.
...Or make your own
Picture this: beer-cap candles you made yourself scattered around a bubble bath.
More chocolate
Score your Valentine a bottle of one of these chocolate beers, or arrange a date at the beer bar where you met and score one on tap.
Get gifting
From personalized beer labels to sweet treats, here are a few ideas for a beery gift that says “love.”
...And still more chocolate
Dip whatever you’ve got (we mean strawberries, marshmallows, pound cake and the like) in our beered-up version of chocolate fondue.