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A beer series for every palate

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Looking for a beer series to dig into? Here are some of the most intriguing bottled series on shelves.

Culinary: Belgium’s Brouwerij De Troch fuses sweet fruit with funky lambics in its Chapeau series, which launched Stateside late last year. Sip its lemon, apricot and banana lambics, made with real fruit and natural fruit juices.

Touristy: Ever wonder what’s beyond the New Jersey Turnpike exits? Each beer in Flying Fish’s Exit Series is brewed as a nod to a piece of culture from every stop, like Exit 9, a hoppy red ale commemorating the home of Rutgers University.

Romantic: Stillwater’s Brian Strumke crisscrosses Europe to brew his Import Series, and each beer feels like a postcard from abroad. Of Love & Regret, a saison brewed in Antwerp, Belgium, evokes springtime with heather, chamomile, lavender and dandelion additions.

Historic: If you’re curious about what people imbibed during the Neolithic period, grab a bottle of Chateau Jiahu, one installment of Dogfish Head’s Ancient Ales series. From King Midas’ meadlike tipple to an ancient Honduras chocolate beer, these brews are a trip back in time.

Stogie-inspired: Cigar City stays true to its name with its Humidor Series, a growing collection of beers aged on Spanish cedrela, a wood commonly used for cigar boxes. Installments include a Scottish gruit, imperial stout and the exquisite year-round Humidor India Pale Ale.


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