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Dining with a bunch of grape nuts? Convince them that beer can hold its own at the table.


What’s pouring: Riesling

Swap it out: War Horse Riesling Ale is a blend of New York Riesling juice and a wheat beer; together, they make a fruity hybrid brew. Riesling drinkers will find their familiar sweet grape tangling with citrusy hops.


What’s pouring: Cabernet Sauvignon

Swap it out: Tempt the taste for tannins with Allagash Odyssey. Aged in new American toasted oak barrels, this beer imparts sharp, woody tannins on top of a wheat bite. Light blackberry and fig notes settle on the tongue as roasted malt flavors and light smoke lead the beer to a dry, honey-sweet finish.


What’s pouring: Chardonnay

Swap it out: Russian River’s Temptation, a Belgian-style blonde aged in French Chardonnay barrels and spiked with Brettanomyces yeast, offers familiar oak, vanilla, apple and grape notes, while that yeast weaves in a surprising barnyard funk.


What’s pouring: Champagne

Swap it out: Top off your flute with Bosteels DeuS, a bière de Champagne. This beer undergoes two fermentations in Belgium, and is then whisked off to France where it’s fermented with Champagne yeast. Its light honey and fruit, dash of funk, and highly carbonated finish will wow bubbly sippers.





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