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A new day, a new beer app


For all of you iPhoners, Androiders and general smart phoners out there, a new beer app is in town. BrewGene, a “beer discovery engine,” is a pretty straightforward app that allows you to track the beers you’ve sipped and rate as you go. Let’s have a look:

The most impressive aspect of this app is its database. BrewGene boasts more than 40,000 beers uploaded for tickers, and so far, I’ve been able to locate every beer I’ve searched—very cool. Once a beer is located, users can rate it based on a five star system, jot down tasting notes and—for Twitter enthusiasts—post what you’ve sipped on a number of social network sites. If you’re looking for like-minded drinkers, you can also connect with other users via the app’s Beer Buddy option. Bonus features include the Beer Cellar, which saves your previous ratings and notes; a list of the program’s top 100 rated beers; and a watch list. Of course, all of this culminates in the app’s headlining feature, beer recommendations.

Based on your previous ratings, BrewGene’s algorithm provides pretty relevant beer suggestions: After a number of imperial IPA ratings, it told me to check out Avery Maharaja. For those just getting into beer, this could be a pretty useful resource. Still, I’d love to see a beer recommendation program that bases its suggestions on flavor profile, rather than style and ratings. If someone develops an app that can distinguish the difference between a floral and grassy IPA, I’d be a happy camper.

Download the free BrewGene, and let me know what you think.


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  • Boris says:

    I use Pintley for rating beer and use Untappd for check-in type of app. Although, I haven’t used Pintley in quite some time now. I like better than Pintley. Pintley is still in beta so I can’t knock it.

  • hlk says:

    It’s not actually for “Androiders and general smart phoners,” though, is it? I couldn’t find it in the Android Market and they only advertise it as being for iPhone on their website, as far as I can tell.

    That said, I use Untappd.

  • Kyle Rohde says:

    +1 to what hlk said – it’s not for anyone but iPhone owners.

    Untappd is also what I use – it’s the best, IMO, because it is a really nicely built mobile site (so platform is irrelevant) and it uses the Foursquare API. If you’re a Foursquare user, it’s perfect because of that connection.

    I’ve only had to add maybe one beer to Untappd’s library – it’s comprehensive and the recommendation engine is improving as well.

  • BrewGene says:

    We’re working on an Android app, and are really hoping to have that ready later this year.

    Tagging beers at Foursquare locations will also be coming later this summer.


  • Matthew says:

    I used to use Pintley until I found Brewski Me.
    Love it!

  • J. Reeves says:

    I actually use Beer Cloud. Great when shopping for beer as it uses bar code scanner to get information about beer. Also does pairings and gives great insight about brewer.

  • Tom Hudson says:

    Problem with migrating from Untappd is losing all the beers I already tracked. That, and I had an opportunity to hang with Tim Mathers from Untappd a few weeks ago, and so I feel a stronger sense of loyalty just from that.

    However, if new apps come online that have far better features than Untappd and there doesn’t appear to be any likelihood that Untapps will match those features, then I might be amenable to the change.

    But really, once you’re a few hundred beers in, it’s hard to think about starting over somewhere else.

  • Sean says:

    A pal and I wrote a beer recommender of our own called Barley Buddy. It doesn’t work on flavor profiles, or “genomes”, or types, it only works on examining what the users like and trying to find (sometimes surprising) overlap! If anyone wants to give if a try, I’d really love some feedback! Either hit me at or use the “Contact” link at the bottom of our site!

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