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Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale Ale

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Your Daily Pint for Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013: ANDERSON VALLEY POLEEKO PALE ALE

What it is: A classic pale ale from a classic American brewery; Anderson Valley’s been churning out craft beer since 1987.

What it tastes like: A biscuity malt base supports bright and vivid grapefruity, piney hops; an even-keeled bitter finish caps off the easy sip. It’s a balanced pale ale showcasing what we love about West Coast hops.

Who made it: Fal Allen is the much-toasted brewmaster at AVBC. He left the brewery to do a five-year stint in Singapore, where he led the charge at Archipelago Brewery, before returning to AVBC.   We caught up with him just after he came back to California in 2010, and gained his insight on how the beer world changed while he was away. It’s taken a few more twists and turns since then…

Learn the secret language of AVBC: Boonville, Calif., has its own historic dialect, called Boontling. See if you can pick up a few phrases to go with bahl hornin’ (good drinking).




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