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Asheville’s Green Man expanding, increasing sour beer production

On deck (literally): a third-floor beer garden with mountain views.
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The bar at Green Man Brewery

The bar at Green Man Brewery

Dennis Thies, owner of Asheville, N.C.‘s second-oldest brewery, Green Man, refers to the company’s expansions as “1, 2, 3.” The first expansion, which came soon after he purchased the brewery six years ago, cost $1 million. That was followed by a $2 million expansion three years later, and now, Green Man is on the brink of an even larger, $4 million growth spurt. This one especially should interest the brewery’s fans, especially those looking to enjoy greater access to sour beers.

Last week, Thies inked a deal to acquire a building adjacent to the brewery’s current location that will become a dedicated souring and barrel-aging space. The 16-year-old brewery has built its reputation on English-style ales, including a topnotch ESB, but has seen huge demand for its handful of limited-release sour offerings. Now, with a separate space for that project, Green Man will be able to produce even more of those popular beers, including the coming-soon Snozzberry lambic.

There’s another construction project currently in the works for Green Man: a three-story packaging vault with a retail shop and third-floor beer garden overlooking the nearby mountains. Thies says Green Man is on track to produce 10,000 barrels or more this year, and could possibly reach regional distribution status in 2016. That means potential expansions in Charleston, S.C.; Georgia; and Florida. Expect construction to finish up on the tasting room and packaging space in late summer or early fall—ideally with enough warm weather left to enjoy an English IPA with a side of mountain views.


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