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Joe Stange is the author of Around Brussels in 80 Beers and co-author of Good Beer Guide Belgium. Follow him on Twitter @Thirsty_Pilgrim.
A Roman beer holiday

Rome is famous, of course, for its food and wine. But a new generation of Italian has developed a taste for birra artigianale, giving rise to a new reverence for beer across the city.

8 destinations in Rome for equally great food and beer

The gradual seeping of beer into the Roman mainstream means that there are, inevitably, some options for combining great beer with great food.

Polish beer is no joke

A brewing powerhouse blends new variety with comforting classics.

Did beer just help us find new planets?

Beer’s connection to the newly discovered Trappist-1 planets

Aperitivo, beer, and you

Rome has a tradition of aperitivo, a light drink and snack enjoyed after work but before dinner. What if we threw beer into the mix?

Beer aperitivo in Rome, smoked beets in Berlin

Local culture tends to put its stamp on things, even craft beer.

A global guide to beer and head cheese

Win (or lose) friends with brawn and potted meats.

More Brussels breweries open their doors (to you)

Taking a page from US and UK, they’re becoming easier to reach, easier to visit.

Alaska: beer in the last frontier

One thing we know for sure—Alaska is not only filled with incredible natural beauty, the last frontier has a taste for beer.

Anchorage, Alaska’s must-visit breweries and beer bars

Your itinerary for breweries and bars in Alaska’s largest city.

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