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3 ‘Back to the Future’-themed beers to drink on Oct. 21

Find these futuristic brews on tap in Chicago; Media, Pennsylvania; and Portland, Oregon.

Courtesy of Emporium Arcade Bar

Courtesy of Emporium Arcade Bar

Fire up the Flux Capacitor and bust out the Velcro-strap Nikes, because today is October 21, 2015, the date to which Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel in “Back to the Future II.” Fans can mark this day with more than just a movie viewing party: three breweries tap “Back to the Future”-themed tribute beers today.

The first comes from Chicago’s Pipeworks Brewing, which collaborated with appropriately retro Chicago arcade bar Emporium on an imperial IPA called Twin Pines Mall. (The name of the shopping mall in Hill Valley where Doc and Marty first experiment with the time-traveling DeLorean.) The 8.5%-ABV double IPA is brewed with spruce tips (get it?); Columbus, Cascade, Chinook, Zythos hops; and wildflower honey. It taps at the Wicker Park location of Emporium at 7 p.m., and bottles will also be available around the Chicago area through late October.

The second is Iron Hill Media’s Doc Brown Ale, a nutty, caramely 5.5% exclusive brew tapped tonight only at the brewpub’s Media, Pennsylvania, location. Brewer Andrew Johnston brewed just two kegs of this beer, so you’ll want to arrive as close to the 5 p.m. tapping as possible to ensure you get a pint. Bonus: The brewery invites attendees to dress in their best ’80s/Back to the Future costume, your perfect excuse to wear the stone-washed jeans you love so much.

Thirdly, Portland, Oregon’s StormBreaker Brewing taps the third beer in its Back to the Future trilogy (which also included 1.21 Gigahops and Doc’s DeLorean Brown): Biff & Griff Dry-Hop Wit. This Belgian wit features Mandarina Bavaria hops in place of the customary orange peel, and is dry-hopped with a pound of these tangerine-tinged hops per barrel. Look for it to hit the taps at StormBreaker at 4:29 p.m. today.

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