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Beer and running saves a life

Maybe the lesson is that beer and running can almost kill you...but it can also save your life.

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Lifesaver beer. Photo by Justin Connelly

I’ve written countless times how both beer and running bring people together.

Sometimes they bring exactly the right people precisely when you need it most.

Case in point. Brian Kane’s life was saved when three nurses, an orthopedic surgeon and an off-duty cop came to his aid when he collapsed at a pub run.

“Make sure you tell them we were all drinking beer,” nurse Jessica Zepke told

So maybe the lesson is that beer and running can almost kill you. But it can also save your life.

Kane was running when he collapsed, but was fortunate enough to go down in front of three RNs.

He was pulseless and in cardiac arrest, but the runners took turns administering CPR before police arrived with a defibrillator.

Participants in the CPR effort rotated every two minutes with coaching from the side.

While he was being rushed to the hospital, Kane experienced “spontaneous circulation” and was soon discharged in good shape.

Since the incident in February, Kane has been participating in a cardiac rehab program and recently thanked the first responders for saving his life at an EMS banquet.

Amazingly, this is not the first time Zepke has saved the life of a runner. In 2009, she performed CPR on 55-year-old Joel Boucher when he collapsed in a 5K.

“She’s an angel to me,” Boucher said.


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