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A la beer: Creole cuisine

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Seafood, sausage and spice: This savory trinity adds up to Louisianan cuisine so distinctly delicious, it doesn’t matter much whether you call it Creole or Cajun (the lines are blurry). Add beer to the pot, and laissez le bon temp rouler!

For these collards, a Southern chef pours in a stout; the result is mouthfuls of meaty greens with a richness you can only get from roasted malts.
A traditional Louisiana shrimp stew revved up with a grassy pale ale.
Bayou Teche brewer and certified Cajun Karlos Knott whips up his own beer-infused, Cajun-style mustard.
A savory plate of Creole shrimp for one that comes together in minutes with the help of an amber ale.
The dark fruit notes of a Belgian dark strong ale play off of this duck sausage’s earthy spice.
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