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Kerr Smith has played a Navy lieutenant on NCIS and an angsty teen on Dawson’s Creek; his latest role? A brewer. We caught up with the actor-beermaster for the dirt on his Venice Beach Brewing (, which he launches with partner Tim Benedick this fall.

Why did you start a brewery?

Two years ago, Tim and I were at Venice Wines—which has a big beer list—and we realized there’s no local beer in Venice, Calif. It’s so iconic, just the perfect spot for a brewery. We didn’t even know how to brew at that point, but we took 18 months and learned how to do it. We started making some really good stuff. We want to be really involved in the community because it’s a tight-knit group. We just want to have fun and drink some beers along the way.

Tell us about your beers.

Our first two are Venice Ale, an amber, and June Gloom, a Belgian wit. Next, we’ll add either a blonde or a pale, and a stout.

Is it a stretch to go from acting to brewing?

I just like to create things—whether it’s a character, a piece of music or a beer. A lot of actors own restaurants, bars and clothing lines; why not have a brewery? It’s the kind of business I’ve always wanted.


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