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Beer Mile featured on The League

The beer mile does not end well for Pete, Taco or anyone else
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The beer mile continued its foray into the pop culture spotlight by being featured on the comedy show The League.

The FXX show, if you haven’t seen it, features the six main characters getting into ridiculous situations while trying way too hard to beat each other in fantasty football.

In the most recent episode, Pete decides he’s going to train for a beer mile. He finds out that their friend Taco is a former beer mile champion who had his medal stripped on the podium for (non-performance enhancing) drug use.

Taco uses this opportunity for his big beer mile comeback, and takes on the coaching role to train Pete for his big event.

This leads to a Rocky-like montage with Pete running, doing sit-ups and drinking while being berated by Taco.

“You have the blood alcohol level of a pregnant lady!” Taco yells while Pete attempts to run with beer.

When it comes time for the main event, the show takes some liberties with the beer mile format. The mile is shown as a regular road race with stops to drink beer in cups like a water station.

Of course, in a strict beer mile it’s four laps around a track while drinking beer in its original container. But recent variations on this theme like the Brew Mile and others have created point-to-point races with beer along the way.

Predictably, the beer mile does not end well for Pete, Taco or anyone else.

You can watch the training montage from the episode here.


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