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Beer Institute member breweries volunteer to add nutrition information to labels

Get ready for calorie counts, carbs and other info on your beer labels and packaging.

shutterstock_81756766Want to know how many calories are in that Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin? No? Then avert your eyes. Beer Institute (BI), a trade group that represents breweries, including Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, HeinekenUSA, Constellation Brands Beer Division, North American Breweries and Craft Brew Alliance, announced today that its members will begin voluntarily adding nutritional information, such as calories and ingredients, to beer packaging.

While mandatory FDA calorie counts for beer on restaurant menus have been delayed, this is a voluntary step taken by Beer Institute members. Individual bottles and cans and/or secondary packaging (six-pack carriers, 12-pack cases) will begin to include information like calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, alcohol by volume and a freshness date, either in the form of a traditional nutrition label, directions to a web page containing that information or a scannable QR code that links to that information online, according to the Beer Institute’s statement. Consumers may begin seeing this information immediately, and BI members are urged to list this information across all product lines by 2020.

“The Beer Institute, and its member companies, believe this is a step in the right direction to demonstrate a commitment to quality and transparency through these voluntary measures. Beer is the most popular alcohol beverage in the United States, and I look forward to brewers and importers including a serving facts statement along with disclosing all ingredients in their products,” says Jim McGreevy, president and CEO of Beer Institute.

For more information, see the Beer Institute’s infographic below or read the full Voluntary Disclosure Initiative statement.

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