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Philly to host first Beer Runners’ Summit

The theme? "Responsible Running and Drinking in the Interest of Science"

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There are beer festivals and festivals for runners. The Fishtown Beer Runners are planning to officially combine the two.

The beer and running club based in Philadelphia will bring together like-minded enthusiasts with the First Annual Beer Runners Summit,  April 19th – April 22nd. The event will include lectures, a film screening and a lot of beer and running.

The summit theme: Responsible Running and Drinking in the Interest of Science.

The opening keynote will be a lecture titled “Running Away from Doctors and Hospitals,” by Dr. Manuel Castillo of the  University of Granada Medical School. Castillo is the researcher who authored a study saying beer was more beneficial than water after a workout. The Fishtown Beer Runner group toast his work at every event. 

The closing keynote will come from “Born to Run” author Christopher McDougall who will talk on the topic of the transformative power of running. In between, there will be a plenty of running, beer drinking, and a screening of the film about the Fishtown Beer Runners.

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