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Sports drinks: a roster of beer/sports team collaborations

In 2016, Budweiser introduced “beer with your team on it.” The mega-brewer was late to the game: Smaller breweries have been making beer to honor their favorite squads for years. Here are some of our favorites from around the wide, wide world of sports.


SanTan Yotes Pale Ale
Brewed for the Arizona Coyotes, this 5.4% pale ale has a brick-red hue and lightly flowery taste— courtesy of hibiscus—that matches the team’s colors and a slap shot of bitterness.

Southern Tier One Buffalo
Both the Buffalo Sabres NHL squad and the Buffalo Bills football team get a nod in One Buffalo, a 4.8% American pale ale.


Widmer South Pacific
Widmer, like seemingly everybody in Portland, is RCTID (that’s Rose City ’ Til I Die, meaning they’re huge fans of the Portland Timbers). This Belgian blonde ale was born from a homebrew competition and designed by a member of the Timbers army.

Redhook Keeper’s Save
The Seattle Sounders took home their first Major League Soccer championship last year, thanks in no small part to a breathtaking save by goalie Stefan Frei. This IPA honors “The Save” by punching up citrus-laden hops with additions of tangerine peel and tangerine concentrate.


Breckenridge United in Orange
Mandarina Bavaria hops, orange juice and orange peel keep this pale ale on theme; it was, of course, brewed for the colorful orange and blue Denver Broncos.

Hinterland Packerland Pilsner
First brewed to celebrate Green Bay’s Super Bowl win in 1997, this 4.5% German-style pils was benched for a few years before it returned to play with a new, revamped recipe in 2014.


BridgePort Long Ball Ale
This Meridian dry-hopped blonde ale is the official beer of the Hillsboro Hops, Hillsboro, Oregon’s beer-themed minor league baseball team.

Hangar 24 Ballpark Beer
A pilsner-slash-wheat beer brewed for watching America’s pastime, Ballpark beer was introduced in 2013 at the home opener for San Bernadino’s Inland Empire 66ers minor league squad.

Sun King Indians Lager
Fans of the Indianapolis Indians raise a glass to Indy’s minor league team with sips of this rich, creamy, toasted 5.5% Vienna lager.


Pyramid 1977
You’ll find several references to the 1977 NBA Champion Portland Trailblazers in this golden lager; its 32 IBUs represent Bill Walton’s jersey number; the five malts used to make it denote the five players on the court; and the color value of 7 SRM signifies the year they won it all.

Sierra Nevada Proud Blonde Ale
Sierra Nevada Draught House at shiny new Golden 1 Center is one result of the brewery’s partnership with the Sacramento Kings; this 5.4% blonde ale with pink peppercorn, coriander and fennel is the other.


Zach Fowle is DRAFT's beer editor. Reach him at zach@draftmag.com.

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