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Beer that captures the imagination

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What’s the most imaginative beer you’ve ever sipped? For me, it’s probably Mangalitsa Pig Porter from Right Brain, brewed with cold-smoked pig heads. But brewers don’t have to go that far out there in order to capture the imagination. Goose Island’s newest release in its Fulton & Wood series is a perfect example. Gran Gâs, which translates to Spruce Goose in Swedish, is a Belgian golden strong ale brewed with lingonberries and Colorado spruce tips (which went into the kettle a mere 24 hours after being plucked from trees). Check out the above video to see how inspiration struck. The beer’s still available at Goose Island’s Clybourn Brewpub location through the end of the month, so swing by and give it a try.


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  • A Boerum says:

    For me, to capture the imagination is for the beer to take you somewhere in the moment that you were not expecting it to – and that it need not incorporate an off the wall ingredient, though it certainly could. Then of course, after you add it to your repertoire the unique magic tapers off and then you’re back at the races. Rant aside, Dogfish Head Bitches Brew, hands down for me. Main Beer Company’s “Peeper” also managed with an APA (to my shock)

  • Brandon says:

    I went to the Lost Abbey Brewery and sampled their Track 6 “A blend of brandy barrel-aged Serpent’s Stout and bourbon barrel-aged Angel’s Share.” So many flavors in my face I still don’t know if its my favorite beer of all time or just too much all at once.

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