Never drink stale beer again

Few things are more disappointing for a beer drinker than popping open a newly purchased bottle, only to find the beer past its prime. Today, there are apps like MiBeerAge, which calculates the age of beer by bottling code, but rewind a few years back and consumers were on their own. At least, that’s how Patrick St-Amand felt when he started compiling bottling code information for his site Fresh Beer Only!

The site’s list of code information is simply incredible. St-Amand, who started the site after getting “burned one too many times by strange, hard-to-read batch codes,” he notes, initially emailed every brewery on the BeerAdvocate database for bottling code details (now they reach out to him). The information he posts comes straight from the brewery, so you get beefy entries like this one:

While it’s not as quick of a reference as a smart-phone app, Fresh Beer Only! is exhaustive, spanning from Boston’s High & Mighty to San Francisco’s Speakeasy bottles. And it’s a perfect resource if you’re trying to figure out the age of rogue cellared bottles. Give it a whirl, and tell us whether you bother with bottling codes in the comments.

Posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012