666: The mark of the streak

I stayed away from this beer on Day 666

Yesterday I marked 666 days of my runstreak and beerstreak, which is every single day with at least one mile and one beer.

I survived the day without getting struck down by lightening while running around Boston, despite running twice in one day and putting in about 17 miles. I’m just glad the day didn’t land on Friday the 13th.

Brian on DailyMile suggested I mark the occasion with the Belgian ale Duvel, which is Flemish for “devil.” Victory’s HopDevil would also have been appropriate.

I opted instead for the much safer (but devilishly delicious) choices of Long Trail brewery’s Double Bag, Otter Creek’s Black IPA and Magic Hat’s No. 9. Since I’m in Boston, and I also couldn’t resist the temptation of having a Guinness with my rueben for lunch. I think that’s almost religion here.

While I was marking my milestone, NOVA beer aficionado Bob Pack crossed one year of his own running streak.  As he says in this post, he plans to keep going.

So get behind me, Satan. I have miles and beers to go before I’m done. Cheers and onward!

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012