Avoid the beer gut, not the beer

Stay slim like a Kwak

The Today Show recently posted a blog with techniques to avoid a beer gut without giving up beer.

The six tactics basically boil down to drink less beer and avoid extra calories from non-beer sources.

I can’t disagree with the premise not to overdo it, but I think the article misses one obvious conclusion.

You can drink more if you exercise more.

Absolutely, you can choose to take days off beer or cut down on the number. Yes, you can drink craft beers that have fewer calories.

But if you like to sample more than a single beer or want to indulge in a special high-ABV (and high calories) beer, it helps to earn it with a long run or lengthy bike ride.

If you’re ever in doubt how many beers you’re owed after a hard workout, check out our Beer Allowance calculator.

Flickr photo by Glenn Brown

Posted on Saturday, January 12th, 2013