Going the extra DailyMile


Back in February, I posted a blog declaring admiration for running social network DailyMile, but suggesting a few improvements. One of them was the ability to motivate fellow athletes with beer.

Someone at DailyMile must be a beer runner.

Now you can upgrade your account to Pro DailyMiler, and one of the perks is you can toast a workout with a big frosty mug of beer.

There is a catch, however. This comes with a price of $50 a year. I’m happy to pay it.

No, I’m not spending my hard-earned beer money for some digital hops. I’m doing it because DailyMile changed my life.

Today I passed the milestones of logging more than 1,000 miles biking and running for 2011 on DailyMile, and 2,000 miles total for my DailyMile career. I’ve never felt better.

I never thought I’d be so numbers focused, and I never wanted to be. But tracking my runs, bike rides and progress — and breaking it down by days, weeks and years — has pushed me to greater heights than ever. And that’s only part of the story.

The most significant part of the site is the support from fellow runners and bikers. I’m not just talking about the cheers and encouragement they post on workouts, but just knowing that there are others out there as crazy as you. That you’re not the only one sweating.

Kelly explained that phenomenon here.

I expect my membership will go toward site upgrades, and I’m looking forward to new apps, features and improvements in the future. But even if they stayed the same, $50 would be a bargain to be part of the community DailyMile has created.

And if I ever meet the masterminds behind DailyMile, I’d be happy to buy them a beer.

Posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011