The anti-Olympics beer

A gold medal in sarcasm

Leave it to self-described “post punk apocalyptic mother fu*ker of a craft brewery” to create a beer that satirizes the Olympics.

Scottish upstart brewery Brew Dog announced a beer called Never Mind The Anabolics that supposedly contains a host of performance enhancing substances including  creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, maca powder, matcha tea and kola nut. Possibly even steroids.

“So we decided to give the athletes something that was going to make them happier and better,” the brewery declares. “A way to relax before a big event and at the same time increase the chances of winning.”

This is not the first time the brewery has released a tongue-in-cheek performance enhancing beer.

A promo video for Nevermind The Anabolics — a nod to punk pioneers The Sex Pistols — shows runners training with beer stops, hoisting kegs for weight workouts and ultimately getting busted for ingesting banned ingredients.

They also call it “fake,” but sell it on the website with the caveat “contains at least 50% of your daily allowance of sarcasm.”

So is it real? Hard to tell. It sounds completely outlandish, but so does their previous offerings like Sink The Bismark and The End of History.

What’s your take? Real or pure satire?

Posted on Saturday, July 28th, 2012