Breaking: Beer is good for runners

Maybe it’s not breaking news to you, but it is for some.

Drink Up: Beer does a body good / Flickr photo by a tai recently published an article posing the question, “Can Beer Improve Your Run Time?”

Well, of course it can. There’s just one thing I want to add to that.

Hey,, get off my $#&@*!! turf!!

Juuuuust kidding. I completely support the Beer Runner gospel getting out to the biggest audience as possible, and the article surely did that with more than 3,000 “likes” on the article as of blog press time.

“It’s not unusual to find runners who are also avid beer drinkers,” the article states. “And it turns out, all their beer drinking may just help their athletic performance.”

As I tweeted in response to a link from Cool Running yesterday, no, I am not surprised that beer and running mix. I’m the Beer Runner. It’s what I do.

To its credit, Active cited a 2009 study entitled “Beer, Marathon, Genetics, Inflammation and the Cardiovascular System” that I missed, though it sort of feels like deja vu.

In summary, the study found that athletes who drank wheat beer after exercise had a stronger immune system and shorter and fewer colds than those who drank an alcohol-free placebo.

“Don’t stress about throwing back a few beers,” the article concluded. That’s not a problem.

I think we can all draw the conclusion from this study that beer with running is backed by science. Thank you, I truly appreciate it.

Now get off my $#&@*!! turf!!

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011