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Beer’s coming back to TV


It’s official: Beer is coming back to TV. This past weekend, news spread that A&E gave the go-ahead to “The Big Brew Theory,” a reality show centered around the creation and opening of a Boston-area brewery, which is executive produced by—wait for it—Mark Wahlberg. That’s pretty big news.

The reported details are sparse, but one little nugget gave a hint as to which Boston-area brewery will take the spotlight: “[The show] follows four MIT grad students who team up with an MIT undergrad to create the micro-brewery of their dreams,” reported Entertainment Weekly, and just about every other media outlet covering the story.

Funny, we just spotlighted an upcoming Boston-area brewery in our current issue, which was founded by MIT grad students. I got in touch with one of the founders and he confirmed that—wait for it again—Aeronaut Brewing Co. will be the focus of the new series.

Co-founder Ben Holmes wasn’t able to say much, beyond the fact that the show is about him and his co-founders, but he did email me this: “Unfortunately I can’t give much comment otherwise except to say that they filmed enough that A&E bought the pilot!”

Those guys are up to some awesome stuff, so pick up the current issue of DRAFT to get an idea of the interesting things you’re probably going to see when you tune into A&E. No details yet on when the show will air.

[Photo courtesy of Aeronaut Brewing]


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