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Trending: beers inspired by music

In the same way that many of history’s most beloved songs have come to life as the result of beer drinking, there’s a platinum-selling collection of beers inspired by—and, often, named after—a song, album or band. Here are 10 that would make one killer mixtape.

WEB_20170328_BeersNamedForSongsThe Lost Abbey Devil Went Down To Georgia
Way back in 2012, Lost Abbey released its “Ultimate Box Set,” a series of 12 beers inspired by classic rock anthems invoking heaven and hell. This one—a version of Angel’s Share barleywine aged in bourbon barrels with peaches and black tea—will return in early May.

TRVE Cursed
It takes a true metalhead to appreciate the music of Rotten Sound; the folks at Denverbased TRVE like it so much they named Cursed after the Finnish grindcore band’s 2011 album. Luckily, the beer—a sour pale ale melding grassy, citrusy hops with pineapple, white grape and tart lime—is much more approachable.

Funky Buddha Wide Awake It’s Morning
The Bright Eyes album “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” gave this April-release brew its name, but its flavors of maple doughnuts, smoky bacon, peanut, coffee and marshmallow are pure Funky Buddha—it’s an imperial version of the brewery’s stellar Maple Bacon Coffee Porter.

Mikerphone The Get-Fresh Flow
Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops create a jazzy combo of mango, orange, guava and white grape in this juicy imperial IPA named for a lyric in the Beck ditty “Where It’s At.” Not your jam? No worries—every one of this Chicago brewery’s beers is musically inclined … with a name like Mikerphone, what did you expect?

Odell Tree Shaker
When Steve Miller sang, “Really love your peaches, want to shake your tree,” in “The Joker,” he probably didn’t realize that his lyrics would someday inspire this imperial IPA made with 3,000 pounds of Colorado peaches. Brewed annually since 2013, it appeared in cans for the first time in February.

Voodoo Wynona’s Big Brown Ale
Nutty, sugary pecan pie meets doughnuts, raisins and a splash of light-roast coffee in this 7.5% brown ale named after the Primus hit “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver.” The beer’s finish of roasted peanuts and Ritz crackers is like the song: unusual but oddly satisfying.

Tighthead Scarlet > Fire
Much in the way the Grateful Dead transitioned in live concerts from “Scarlet Begonias” to “Fire on the Mountain,” this velvet-bodied Irish red ale easily shifts between flavors of peanut skins, tree moss and toasted breakfast biscuits before a dry, bready finish.

Brewery Vivant Tart Side of the Moon
Vivant’s brewers salute Pink Floyd’s seminal album by blending a kettle-soured portion of this imperial stout back into the main batch, which results in a psychedelic fusion of melted dark chocolate, smoked pecans, black coffee and muted cherry tartness. Plus, if you drink it while watching “The Wizard of Oz,” it totally matches up, man.

Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black
Though New Zealand-based Yeastie Boys produces several ales inspired by songs, Pot Kettle Black (named for a track by American alt-rock band Wilco) is its most popular, with tangy dark fruits, burnt toast and high-quality dark Belgian chocolate tied in a knot.

Birdsong Lazy Bird Brown
Jazz great John Coltrane included the song “Lazy Bird” on his 1957 album “Blue Train;” like the bumping tune, each sip of this Charlotte, North Carolina-brewed brown ale jumps with notes of cashews, baked bread, raisin, orange peel and pine bark.


  • Bob says:

    Whenever I drink Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat from Fort Collins Brewery, I have the urge to listen to David Bowie.

  • Nick says:

    Music is such a huge part of brewery life. We currently have Misty Mountain Hop, and have had Intergalactic Plasma Lager, Midnight Marauders, Busta Rye, Rhyme Slow Belgian dark (Nice n Smooth) and are now brewing VooDoo Lady (Ween) habanero black IPA, and many more! What a fun industry to meld together!

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