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At the entrance to eccentric, self-made billionaire David Walsh’s subterranean Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), just opened in Hobart, Tasmania, in January, you’ll find a bar. “I like the idea of people having a couple of beers and looking at art—then having more and changing their opinions,” he says. With a goal to “shock, offend, challenge and entertain,” the new museum houses Walsh’s eclectic personal collection, valued at $100 million and ranging from Roman coins to mummies to pieces by Damien Hirst; there’s even an entire room filled with Wim Delvoye’s “Cloaca,” an installation that simulates the human digestive system. Unconventional, immense and labyrinthine, the museum is merely the most recent addition to Walsh’s 8-acre tract along the Derwent River. It joins a complex of übermodern hotel pavilions, a winery, a gourmet restaurant and Moo Brew, a microbrewery. Boasting taps and bottles throughout Australia, Moo Brew crafts five styles, among them an American pale ale and a barrel-aged imperial stout. Eerie labels by Australian sculptor-painter John Kelly bring the art full circle. -Becca Hensley


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