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Boston: Where beer cocktails are born

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Park's Tom Terrific

Craft beer’s sparked the imagination of Boston mixologists, transforming the Cradle of Liberty into the capital of beer cocktails.

By Ben Keene


This newcomer received a warm welcome in Harvard Square: That’s what happens when you bring 14 local-leaning draft lines; 75 kinds of rye whiskey, scotch and bourbon; plus homemade syrups to town. Those in the know order from a semi-secret list of a half-dozen beer cocktails, including one inspired (yet unnamed) blend of Bénédictine, Cynar, Cherry Heering, lime juice, gin, triple sec and Delirium Tremens.


Even the New York egg cream gets new skin at this friendly neighborhood pub: Instead of the fizzy original, Christopher’s Baggy Eye Beer Punch blends coffee liqueur, espresso, vanilla vodka, Xocolatl Mole bitters, chocolate syrup and creamy Guinness into a silky-smooth sipper.

Lord Hobo

Beer drinkers love this place for its 44 world-class taps, but those who want to kick it into high gear order the Cyclist Rouge, a boozy twist on the radler that combines cranberry-infused vodka, St. Germain, lemon juice, honey and Peychaud’s bitters with High & Mighty’s Beer of the Gods.

JM Curley

Bar manager Kevin Mabry substitutes Four Roses bourbon for rye whiskey and Kasteel Rouge for cherries to produce the In Fashion, a catwalk-worthy turn on the classic Old Fashioned with a slinky port-like flavor. It’s a permanent fixture at this understated bartenders’ bar, and almost as clever as his ’merica, a mix of Thai Chile Aperol, vermouth, vanilla syrup and Miller High Life.

Hops N Scotch

Though 125 whiskeys and 80-plus beers will slake your thirst (probably), bar manager Adrienne Griffith also slides a mean beer cocktail down the bar: Try the signature Hops N Scotch, a blend of Scotch, lime juice, grapefruit juice and hopped grapefruit bitters shaken, then topped with Ithaca Flower Power.


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