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Brew Clip streamlines your beer run

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Here’s the scenario…

You want to pick up some post-run beers and open them up right away. But you’re stymied because you don’t have one convenient location for your cash, cards and a bottle opener. It’s hard to carry all that while running.

This is where the new Brew Clip saves you.

The invention adds a bottle opener to a money clip, which makes the essentials for getting beer convenient to carry while you’re running.

OK, I don’t know if that’s actually a scenario you face very often. But in reality, having a bottle opener on your money clip is just pretty badass, even if you don’t use it for a beer run.

Plus, they sent me the above photo of Nick Lascano in action with the Brew Clip, proving it does have potential for beer runners.

The innovation isn’t quite ready for the general public yet, but you can sign up when it is available here and follow them on Twitter here.

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