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Brew Dogs talk American beer, and maybe brewing in space

The no-holds-barred Scottish brewers take on America.

Brew Dogs in Miami; courtesy of Esquire

Brew Dogs in Miami; courtesy of Esquire

James Watt and Martin Dickie, the in-your-face founders of Scottish brewery Brew Dogs, are now in the midst of season three of their Esquire show Brew Dogs. It’s tracked the pair as they globe trot, brewing beers in locales including Baja, Mexico; Berlin, Germany; and Nashville, Tennessee. As Scots abroad, they have their own perspectives—which they’re never shy about—on what American and global beer looks like in 2015. We briefly picked their brains about what they learned this season:

DRAFT: Did traveling the globe make you think differently about American beer or American brewers?

In the craft beer industry there has always been massive respect for the American brewing culture and its influence on the industry. It has been incredible to work with some legendary breweries in the States and across the world. To be able to brew with the legendary Jean Hummler and his father at Cantillon in Belgium, and meet up with Greg Koch from Stone in Berlin and to go head-to-head with some of the oldest German brewing laws have been a great part of the show. It doesn’t matter where you go though, everyone is so passionate about brewing.

This season, you visit Brooklyn, Louisville and Miami, among other cities. Brooklyn is full of beer stops, Louisville has a great spirits scene and a respectable beer scene, and Florida is also a beer hotbed. What did you think of Miami? 

Miami is great. There is so much going on there and such an interesting history from the Prohibition Era. Florida has a stellar rum scene, with a hugely interesting story about rum running during the 1920s. We got to spend time at some amazing Miami breweries; J. Wakefield and Wynwood were phenomenal hosts.

Was there a favorite city among your travels this season? Why? 

It’s too hard to pick one, especially since we got to travel in the States as well as abroad. One of the most intense and exciting experiences was our brew day with Founders. We brewed an ice bock underneath a frozen lake. We also traveled to Belgium and brewed with the historic and incredible Cantillon. We got to work digging out their 100-year-old mash tun. I think for any brewer this is such an incredible and pivotal moment in a career as well as lifetime. We also got to take Brew Dogs to Aberdeen, our home town, which it was pretty cool to show the world where we live and brew every day.

Is there anywhere you didn’t get to visit that’s still on your list? 

The moon. But that’s always a possibility.

[Responses have been edited for length and clarity.] 


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