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Brewery gives 6 packs to runners

"It's time to run for the love of beer," brewery advertises.


An Australian brewery is letting you literally run for beer.

Pure Blonde is promising a voucher for a free six pack of their lager if you record a 6KM run and submit it on their website

“It’s time to run for the love of beer,” the brewery advertises.

Pure Blond is a low-carb beer, and the brewery is clearly targeting a health-conscious segment with its promotion.According to its website, 2,500 runners have already claimed their 6 pack while racking up 20,000 KM of miles.

To prove that you actually did it, you have to save a run to MapMyRun, Runkeeper or Strava and then have it reviewed for approval by actual human judges, who make sure the run was completed all at once and it wasn’t too slow.

Before you get too excited about the free beer, there is a catch. You have to be an Australian resident and redeem your voucher within one week at Liquorland. For some reason Tasmania is excluded, much to the chagrin of former beer mile record holder Josh Harris.

Read the full claim policy here.

But the promotion is getting a lot of attention for the novel idea. Could you see a similar promotion happening in the states?


Tim Cigelske is DRAFT's Beer Runner. (Beer Run•ner [noun]: Someone equally devoted to fine beer appreciation and an active, healthy lifestyle. Ex. "John downed four microbrews at the triathlon finish line. He's a total beer runner.”) Follow Tim on Twitter @TheBeerRunner, and email him at beerrunner [at]

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