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Brewing up a second chance


I’m not a small business owner (or large business owner), but I understand building an operation from the ground up isn’t easy—especially the first few years. The craft beer industry is largely made up of small businesses, many of which are relatively new and helmed by hard-working people trying to navigate through those first few difficult years. I personally—and professionally—want them all to succeed, if for no other reason than I love good beer.

It’s largely because of this that the October newsletter from New Braunfels Brewing caught our eyes. It seems the owners came to the realization that their beer wasn’t living up to the standards they’d originally promised themselves and their customers. The solution? Shut down for a complete overhaul. Here’s one of the most honest business newsletters I’ve ever read:

You can check out pictures of the new equipment over on the brewery’s Facebook page. The brewery’s essentially been shut down while the renovations have taken place.

That can’t be easy to admit, and neither can problem No. 3.

This final point from the husband and wife team is all or nothing.

So, if you’re in New Braunfels, Texas in January (or beyond) when new beer starts flowing again, give these guys a shot. After this kind of ownership and honesty, I’d say they deserve it.


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