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Britain to serve smaller “pints”

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Notoriously strict on pint sizes, Britain will now allow pubs to serve 400-mL beers in response to health concerns and demands from beer retailers. Previously, bars were permitted to serve only a full, half or one-third amount of a 568-mL “British pint.” [via The Washington Post]



Florida beer maker Funky Buddha sells to Constellation Brands

The brewery responsible for Maple Bacon Coffee Porter will join Ballast Point in Constellation’s craft beer division.

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Japanese beermaker Sapporo acquires iconic Anchor Brewing Co.

One of the pioneers of American craft beer will be U.S.-owned no longer.

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  • _MosStef_ says:

    Brewdog changes the law.. (the british beer scene is a turd-sandwich) but there is a revolution going on. 2 Aberdeen boys are kicking up dust and I like it.

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