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Build a better shandy

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Mixing a shandy’s not rocket science: Just stir one part beer into one part lemonade; add ice if you’re so inclined. But what beer to use? Select a sipper that complements the lemony trait you adore.

If you sweat the sweet: Use a witbier. The fluffy beer amps up the blend’s body and injects it with juicy, ethereal fruit.

If you fancy bitterness: Go for a white IPA. Just like a witbier, the fuller mouthfeel lends the blend some oomph, but here, the huge hops highlight lemon pith.

If you savor the sour: Grab a Berliner weisse. The Old World session ale’s tartness magnifies the cheek-pinch.

If you say you’ll try anything: Pour in a porter. Contrasting coffee and lemon zing become a smoky-sweet sensation that sips like a spirit.

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